Обтекател WindShield 46

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A smart fairing that easily attaches to any Yakima/Whispbar crossbars – and just about anyone else’s – to quiet wind noise and reduce drag.

size – L 116.8 cm x W 0.6 cm x H 12.7 cm


  • Moves airflow up and over the rack to reduce drag and quiet wind noise
  • Universal mounting attachment works with any Yakima/Whispbar crossbars
  • Also fits square bars and most factory bars
  • Band-style attachment quickly and easily attaches to any crossbar
  • Secures with easy-to-reach adjustments and included tool
  • Available in 4 sizes
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Тегло 1,4 кг
Размери 116,8 × 0,6 × 12,7 см